Monday, August 22, 2005

:: heaven ::

last night's discussion with friends about the nature of heaven rekindled a recent fettish with the place/concept. Lately another discussion thread has centered around hope. And unless i am completely off base i think most of us see heaven as climax of hope. But what of our concepts of heaven - what do we believe about it? Here are some of the questions that I think bear considering.
Where is heaven? Is it somewhere above us figuratively or literally? In what dimension of reality does it exist? Physical? Spiritual? Other?
What is the nature of heaven? Is it a destiny to be enjoyed and hoped for? Is there struggle in heaven? How does the problem of human finiteness and freedom factor into heavens design?
Why does it seem that when most people describe heaven it invariably reflects some sort of selfish fulfillment of pleasure or goodness?
Why does so much teaching on heaven leave it seeming so bland and boring?
Yeah so that's my mini quest for the week - it also happens to be my assignment for the week in my seminary studies.
I'll up date you as to wht i am processing

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