Monday, January 31, 2011

Food round up…

Weight Log: 195lbs

Ladies check this outimage brownies can accomplish so much more than just a tasty snack. They are the vehicle for grief moderation when that nasty boy has dumped you – so good right! Like a blanket against an icy cold cold heart – talk about comfort food – but then it also is the source of your guilty conscience. Good luck dealing with the stress of weight loss after you have packed on the pounds after he dumped you. Aren’t you lucky to be a girl with super huge expectations about what an attractive body should look like? Maybe you should shop at Bed Bath and Beyond instead – they know how to treat a girl right!

Since going public with my substantial weight loss I have had more women come up to me and tell me that they wished they could lose – 10, 15, 20 lbs. Really! No guy HAS EVER TOLD ME THAT EVER!!!!image So yeah good luck with that ladies! Now go ahead and watch the good folks over at TLC with their show “What Not To Wear” – its okay cause they are more reasonable than some of these crazy shows – who cares that they are still asking you to conform to the dominant values of attractiveness prescribed onto the female body. And besides if you follow their advice your consumer instincts will be honed so that at least in the clothes that you wear you will be able to comfortably fit the ideal that free market capitalism wants you to be.

If all of this is turning your stomach then you might want to turn to the other gateway food.

image Bacon – check out this link:

Oh and if you are interested here is a link to the presentation that me and my friend made in our Social Context class today:

skater no legs

You gotta check this out - Inspiriation on two hands

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Blackberry Is Not Working!

Starbucks' "Trenta"

Weighty Matters: Starbucks' "Trenta" - the caloric equivalent of more than half a gallon of Coke!

Inactivity Does Not Explain Canada’s Obesity Epidemic | Dr. Sharma's Obesity Notes

"And now comes the surprise: overweight and obese kids and adults are only marginally (if at all) less active than their “normal” weight counterparts."
"In light of these data and the tremendous negative emotional and physical impact of weight bias, I stongly believe that discussing inactivity (or exercise) in the context of obesity is not only obfuscating the issues but also a major distraction from addressing the real causes of the problem."
Read more here: Inactivity Does Not Explain Canada’s Obesity Epidemic | Dr. Sharma's Obesity Notes

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guess what today is…

Under 200 day!

jan2011under200 003Actually this is the third day under that illusive target. Here’s the proof – Of course holding the camera to take the picture inched me ever closer to the 200 line but I think you can still see that I snuck under it even with the camera…

jan2011under200 004

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bikes and Blizzard…

adrianna and bike show january 2011 012Had a chance to attend the Calgary Bike Show today with Henry Warkentin. Dandy. Henry has a sweet bike collection of old restorations and new ones as well. We white knuckled out way home in more than twice the time it took us to get there. I had a blast. Thanks Henry – so fun.

Culture, nature, and mediation « The Immanent Frame

Culture, nature, and mediation « The Immanent Frame
The article/review starts like this:
"religion is about mediation. Ironically so, because it is about the divine; but because the divine is never directly available, religion must instead be about how the divine is indirectly manifest. Thus, as RĂ©gis Debray has shown in his God: an Itinerary, monotheism, which is apparently the most other-worldly and non-mediated of creeds, has had to identify itself in concrete terms, which may bizarrely include preference for some landscapes over others, or for association with some animals over others."
Here is one of the tricky dilemmas that this article points to: If as it seems Pentecostalism has done more to ameliorate the "conditions of abjection" faced by the world's poor, can a credible claim be mounted that this brand of Christianity holds legitimacy for a more just world.
"However, Pentecostalism has by and large endorsed the capitalist market and the gospel of success, even if it has also developed many compensating voluntary welfare ventures, which should by no means be despised."
The author contends that mediation is a central feature in solving this dilemma. This is fascinating stuff to be sure. But it is worth paying attention to for more than just the fun of playing on some intellectual monkey bars - no pun intended. People who care about how religion manifests real change in the world ought to think about this stuff. I'm not talking about evaluating Pectecostalism over against other denominations (although clearly that discussion is available). I am suggesting that in the efforts to affect the betterment of the oppressed masses (whom we should acknowledge are oppressed in large part due to the ideologies that support our relative affluence) religion ought to be aware of how powerfully they can entrench ideological frames that serve to reinforce the conditions of abjection.
This article and the material it reviews is well worth the read...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Village on a Diet

Weight Log: 201

Look! You probably didn’t watch the first episode of CBC’s “Canadian version of the fat shows that now infest cable TV.” That’s a good thing. Don’t start! Issues of voyeurism aside I think Margret Wente (whose ope-ed stuff usually makes me cringe)gets it mostly right here.

“It’s a phony solution that reduces an extremely complex social challenge to a question of attitude. It’s junk-food TV, and if I were you, I wouldn’t touch it.”

Village on Diet is part of CBC’s Live Right Now program. Their attempt to make a difference in the health of Canadians.

Not only is this program predictably able to reduce the complexity of weight loss to the manageable stratagems regulated by the rigours of a television broadcast, it once again reinforces overt moralizing of public health through public media. When a broadcast company replete with irrelevance in its connection with Canadian audience, reaches for this type of candy floss programming to fill its schedule you gotta wonder just how much of Steven Harper’s own personal budget is financing this show…

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the holidays would not be complete without…

Jam-Jams (thanks Mom!) and Fartzelky (actually Portzelky (actually New years Cookies))

A long ride in the mini-van with my whole wrestling team.image (driving through Regina seems to perfect the whole experience.)

An obligatory visit with the characters that inhabit that grand ol’ Yuletide narrative – Ignacio, eSteven, Incarnation, Chancho and the other brothers that don’t believe I know a butt load of stuff about the Gospel – but I do! What story could capture the agony of a friar inhabiting the world of sinful ungodliness to provide field trips for the children in his orphanage to the ancient mystic ruins of the Maya. Every year something new jumps out at me about this story.

An unbearable loathing toward all things retail both prior to, during and post season.

Catching up with the latest happenings of friends and family that I have been disconnected from for too long – engagements, thinner hair, good conversations and…

A Ski Hill or two… … and this time I got to go down it as well!

Christmas lights that not only can transform an alter call song into a Nativity classic but can actually, miraculously set it – ever so unexpectedly to techno dance rhythms – and now even our humble town of Coaldale has been visited by such a phenomenon…


imagecinnamon pie (thank mom!)

imagewatching the somewhat purer version of hockey on display at the IIHF World Junior Tournament (and seeing Canada embarrass the USA) now on to the Russians….


Things that normally constitute a holiday celebration but were sadly missed this time…

-new years dance party with Eddie at the helm…

-playing board games with seniors at the lodge…

-having straight A’s to brag about after a semester of work…

-crashing one of the numerous extended family gatherings that occurred around this time of year.

-Nut log, Rum Balls