Monday, August 13, 2012


Is it possible to do right by doing wrong?
Is it possible to perform an act of rebellion while participating a quintessentially status quo activity?
Is it possible to purchase truth, honesty, and righteousness?
From the comfort of our 21st century arm-chair theological quarterbacking, we have pronounced indictment on indulgences as practiced by the pre-reformation church. Smugly!
From the duress of climbing out of these self-same comfortable arm-chairs (look I didn’t say they were Lazyboys), we have raised a fist against our morally degraded society by eating a chicken sandwich. Napkin please!

I lost weight and am trying to re-lose a bunch more – apparently to become a better person. I will not eat a chicken sandwich. I will not be a glutton to self-righteousness again. I am a thinner person than that.