Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Should we applaud?

"Wal-Mart has changed the way people shop, now it wants to change the way they eat." (see the rest of the article here)
As most of you know by know any really important news eminates from the creative genius of either John Stewart or Steven Colbert. So it was that after a long night of learning the two step with my wife i sat down down to get caught up on IMPORTANT NEWS. Its not like there is much of great significance happening out there these days. So it was refreshing to hear Steven identify perhaps one of the most profoundly significant news stories of this relatively young year. Watch the clip here:
Yes, Walmart intends to lower prices on healthy foods - so yippee right?!?
OK! <<<>>>
Why does Walmart get to decide which products are healthy?
Does this new healthier eating rhetoric just a convenient distraction from the larger problem of their complete market dominance?
If carrots and milk and stuff is gonna be cheaper - why not make twinkies cheaper too - expecially if you can lose weight on them?

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