Monday, January 31, 2011

Food round up…

Weight Log: 195lbs

Ladies check this outimage brownies can accomplish so much more than just a tasty snack. They are the vehicle for grief moderation when that nasty boy has dumped you – so good right! Like a blanket against an icy cold cold heart – talk about comfort food – but then it also is the source of your guilty conscience. Good luck dealing with the stress of weight loss after you have packed on the pounds after he dumped you. Aren’t you lucky to be a girl with super huge expectations about what an attractive body should look like? Maybe you should shop at Bed Bath and Beyond instead – they know how to treat a girl right!

Since going public with my substantial weight loss I have had more women come up to me and tell me that they wished they could lose – 10, 15, 20 lbs. Really! No guy HAS EVER TOLD ME THAT EVER!!!!image So yeah good luck with that ladies! Now go ahead and watch the good folks over at TLC with their show “What Not To Wear” – its okay cause they are more reasonable than some of these crazy shows – who cares that they are still asking you to conform to the dominant values of attractiveness prescribed onto the female body. And besides if you follow their advice your consumer instincts will be honed so that at least in the clothes that you wear you will be able to comfortably fit the ideal that free market capitalism wants you to be.

If all of this is turning your stomach then you might want to turn to the other gateway food.

image Bacon – check out this link:

Oh and if you are interested here is a link to the presentation that me and my friend made in our Social Context class today:

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