Sunday, August 26, 2007

Maybe we should know about Francis Collins...

This afternoon I listened to an interesting interview on Tapestry on CBC Radio. Follow this link to listen to the program on line. He is one of the scientists who helped to catalogue the human genome project. He is also a former aethist turned evangelical Christian. In this interview he talks about his most recent conversation with Richard Dawkins (a hard core athiest). Collins believes in evolution.
Here is Francis Collins being interviewed by Stephen Colbert. Listen for this amusing line, "Evolution is God's way of giving upgrades."

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Sam said...

I listened to the broadcast.

Collins minces faith and science in a way that few scientists, and even fewer evangelicals can stomach. To his credit, he describes the evidence in favour of evolution (including the shared ancestry of humans and other apes) as overwhelming. He is also in favour of embryonic stem cell research.

Not so admirable is his disclosure that he converted from reason when he saw the holy trinity revealed in a frozen waterfall! If we credit such experiences, akin to seeing the face of the virgin mary in a grilled cheese sandwich, then we may as well go back to stoning mouthy kids to death (Deut 21:18-21).

Give me a break!