Monday, June 25, 2007

The Pickle Lives...

Yesterday was our farewell Sunday. Sounds silly that way since we are staying in Coaldale. But the church was very generous in their warm words of gratitude - even though some of my biological functions were brought to light. It was pretty meaningful to hear the expressions of thanks. And to be honest - there is still a large part of me that wishes that things could have worked out differently and I could stay at the church doing what I've done these last few years. There would be alot of comfort in that. And even if the dynamics of my decision to resign seem a distant regret - I know that the direction that we are moving in reflects the responsibility God has given me (even more importantly OUR lives as a family).
I received a espresso machine as a thank-you gift. That means that I am building coffees again. So who'll be the first to come over for the signature Pickle drink -SEX-IN-A-CUP.


Ryan said...

So does this mean I can stop by for a cup of joe, and a rip-roaring game of wacky wheels when I'm home in a few weeks?

the clean slate said...

i may not be the first but could we make a future date in the fall?

Jessi said...

Hey Dale,
I don't know if it is appropriate since we are only part way through our pre-marital counseling.. but WE WANT SEX IN A CUP!!!
Really though, we would just love to get together with you sometime soon, let us know what works.
Jess and Mark

Mark said...

Hey Dale,
I remember my "last Sunday" as well, bittersweet it was. When I go down memory lane I try to focus on the "sweet" part. Enjoy the whole transitioning thing (and your coffeemaker)!!

Outgoing... said...

yes ryan both will be available on your return to the homeland