Monday, June 25, 2007

In the Press

Costa Rican La Minta Tarrazu
Every coffee exacts its surgery on the soul – the healer. Luckily the soul always is desperately in need of repair. This coffee touches the soul in the place that it walks – the everyday – the one foot in front of the other – everyday. It’s about as regular a coffee as should be consumed with touches of spiced chocolate – just enough to pull off the mundane day you walk into. It’s the coffee that reminds you that the comfort of the familiar is an oft forgotten bliss. You can gulp this coffee and it will only comply to your palate. Tread on it and you will still not be disappointed. Like a trusty staff in your hand on the mountain trail. Like the way you have to drag yourself out of bed each day with that touch of familiar dread and then collapse beside your lover each night – spent. It is a good life – and full of crap at the same time. You drink it as if you need to invite it in but then you realize that it has been there all along.

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