Monday, March 12, 2007

About my weight:

It seems that every weekend I gain back some of the weight I lost the week before. So this week I am setting my target at 7lbs.
Some people have asked what I am doing to lose weight. Here it is:
-significantly increased water consumption (target: 4L/day)
-reducing junk food consumption at every chance (sometimes this is sort of unavoidable because of being a youth dude)
-not eating after 7pm (again youth ministry affects this somewhat)
-spending a minimum of 35 minutes on the torture machine.
And last but not least…
-as I spend time on the tread climber there are many moments that I want to quit. So each time I feel that way - - - - I talk to God with a request…
“allow me one more day with my family…”

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Natasha said...

I have been trying to finally make myself get onto an exercise routine - one thing that never in my life have I been able to follow through on. Anyway, I was looking online for ways to keep track of progress, and one tip I found in regards to weight, I thought was quite smart. The guy recommended to weigh yourself at the same time every day, and then look at the overall average instead of day by day pounds to get the "real picture" of how you are doing - so say you start at 142 and the next 4 days your weigh in looks like 140, 141.5, 142, and 141. Those numbers don't look like you are really making progress at all, but if you take the amount gained and lost over those 4 days, divided by 4, then you can see that you are actually on average losing about a quarter pound a day, despite having "relapsed" for a day or two. Anyway, I found this method to be a bit more encouraging and a good way to see if the overall is looking up or down...maybe you already knew about it, but if not, thought I'd pass it along. Best wishes to you in your health journey!!