Friday, December 22, 2006

Last post of '06

We are going to be heading out for a mother long road trip.
Saturday we leave for Caronport to hook up with my brother and then on to Steinbach to take in my other brother's Christmas eve service. Then back to Mom and Dads for a late night Christmas in Winkler. We will hang out there for a few days and take in the Friesen gathering (first time in eons) and then boot off to Red Deer (with a stop in Regina - tourism capital of the bald prairies). We will stay there till we leave for Fairmont over the first week of '07 - do some skiing, and chill.
Hope the ASTRO makes it - always fingers crossed on the long trips...
Couple things to take care of this year yet on this blog:
A big shout out to Garry Siebert. Garry is good friend and volunteer in youth minsitry here since before I began here at Coaldale. I am going to miss doing ministry with this gifted and kind brother when all is said and done here. Garry is a man of strong convictions - but those convictions are alwasy tempered by a deep desire to hold steady open relationships without conflict. His grace to people in this is a huge example to me. It always amazes me to see how kids who used to be in the youth group comment and ask about Garry. I think it is plain and obvious how much he pours his heart into the people he surrounds. Garry is the manager of Boss Lubricants in Lethbridge - a position that he deserves and that fills me with pride. Thank - you Garry for being faithful all these years. Thanks for being a friend.
Another big shout out to Mark. Mark chose to identify me as a mentor in his life. It hardly seems right since I have learned so much from him over the years. Mark and Bonnie were in town these last few days and it was like we never skipped a beat. I will shed many tears over not being able to do ministry with my friend. But someday we will reunite in ministry together again. I was a part of discernment meeting that Mark called related to one of his courses. This has to be one of the toughest things for someone to do. You open yourself up to being very vulnerable. Mark I am so proud of you. I stand amazed at the picture of Jesus that I see in you. You have no idea how much I miss you when you are gone.
I am going to miss seeing other friends at Christmas as well. Gil and Shelley, Ryan and Naomi, Eddy and Petra, you have a treasured place in my heart.


dan said...

travel safe and live well over the holidays!


petra said...

Dale, we miss you too! This will be a different New Years Eve Party, it was always so funny having you over! Have a wonderful and blessed 2007!

Israelson's said...

Hey Dale! I know this is a little post-post ~ ha ha, har har, forgive me for that terrible pun...
but it was great hanging out with you and char & fam (&pooch!) last week. what a blast:) it's been too long!
we always had a good time though aye? thanks for another one!
kendra & kev (& attie)
ps. tell char she's a pretty cool chic:)