Thursday, March 16, 2006


Yes every so often things show up in my life completely unexpectedly. It’s funny saying that ‘cause I realize how much control I have exerted to keep from dealing too directly with unexpected circumstances. Anyways I’ll pull myself off the blogging analyst couch and get on with it…
I went to check on my mailbox at church to see if anything was there…
Jammed into the church mailbox was a small brown paper bag. I pulled it out and read this short note:

Hi Dale and Char,
We stayed & visited with Dr.
Weigelt, a coffee grower
in Hawaii. His harvest was done and we saw these
bags and bags of beans. He
offered to roast us some. We couldn’t help but
think of your love for coffee.
Here is 1/2lb. of 100% Kona Coffee. You be
the judge as to how you wish to blend
it, just enjoy it.
Bruno and

Well you can only imagine my delight. Some time ago after Tanya and Everett went to Cuba they brought back some Cubita. As in that case I was ecstatic. You can not imagine the pure joy that just filled me.
The coffee itself is fabulous.
To be honest I am not much of Kona Coffee fan. I have suspected that the issue was in the roast (usually over roasted). This coffee was the lightest roast I have seen on Kona. Now you need to understand that this coffee typically sells for about $30.00 per pound. The roast was so light that many of the beans are still noticeably ‘green’ on the inside.
Obviously I have done extensive work on the coffee
On its own it is very creamy. It is not sweet but has a deep mahogany color. Beautiful. Obviously with as light a roast as it is there isn’t even a hint of the typical bitterness that is so common in many North American roasts/blends. So unlike the Cubita it does not need to jump the dark roast hurdle. As a result there are wonderfully complex flavours throughout the cup. For those with the chocolate/mocha tones, they are not present here. Instead the brew fills your mouth with strong hoppy tones. It is a coffee to get lost in. Cubita is more like a party exploding in your mouth. This is more like a allowing your tastes buds to walk gently down a garden path slowly saturating with the wonders of sight and smell.
Come on over for a cup if you can make it – it won’t last long.
Thank-you Bruno and Helen
It really is wonderful…


Naomi said...

Oh, if only I could make it over for some of that fine sounding coffee. As students, we have been reduced to the cheapest coffee out there on the, sould I say it, supermarket shelves. I am very ashamed of myself, but hey, we just don't have the funds to allow our taste buds the enjoyment of fine coffee. I must say, my other half has taken himself off the liquid whitener.

Incoming... said...

allow me to gently chide you on your choice of coffee. some things we make priorities for others we allow to slip with the slightest opposition. none the less it is admirable that Ry has stopped "using". He might just qualify for a clear mug. If you do decide to come over for coffee i could take some pics and post them on my site

Naomi said...

Dale, why do you make fun of me for taking all those pictures and posting them? Don't you like it? Doesn't it feel like we never left? Come on, admit it, you like it!!!!

Incoming... said...

no way please keep posting it does make us feel closer to you guys - we just have to have something to bug you about...
otherwise you might think would have changed