Wednesday, August 24, 2005

black as...

all right so what do you call that last one - - webrage? who knows? Everything is so simple when you are ticked off.
Actually this little ditty ties up a few loose ends:

- Thom S. Rainer (Dean of the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Church Growth) wrote a book. It is a text for one of my courses this year. Hold on to your hats here is the title.
and Proven Ways to Reach Them
Any takers on reading it next. Brilliant insight on many things including what leaders should look like in the church. In fact he gives us a comparison between 'effective' leaders and a 'comparison' group. He breaks down the 168 hour work week and shows what effective leaders spend thier time doing and what the others do. Now after giving us the statisitacl break down in chart form he goes on to evaluate the data and I quote: "Not the significant differences between the two groups: - Leaders of effective churches sleep slightly over six hours per day; other church leaders sleepalmost eight hours per day."
So now we all know what it takes...
Ryan you are leaving me. Please don't make me scold you. A few tips to success. Buy better coffee! drink better coffee! and drink it black. From time to time we all buy a pound of Fo%*#%^!'s ("Folger's" come on these accusations of my reckless abandon as a blogger have got to stop) coffee. Of course eventually we think better of it. Cause we all know that bad coffee leads to hazelnut confectionary products which originate in the fermented carcasses of prehistoric beings trapped between layers of igneous rock thousand of feet below the surface of earth. So sing the song with me as you travel into the promised land of coffee lovers (VAN/SEATTLE) "oh be careful little mouth what you drink!" repeat daily or as needed.
Good to see Sterling taking a shot - there's a candidate for a blog. I know I'd read it!


Clinton said...

If lack of sleep aids in the development of a leader have I got a tip for you. Keep a newborn in the home.

Incoming... said...

as if any of us needed proof check the time on the post!!!