Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i am laying on the beach trying to hold down a conversation with my good friend from Germany about restaurant choices in Europe as compared to north America. this boy does a lot of international travel and has a fairly narrow palate that he uses effectively to mark high and low quality food choices. He tells me that in Europe the chain restaurant phenomenon is not nearly as prolific. while Fast food choice like McD’s do exist, there is far more trial and ‘error’ in finding the restaurant of choice for any dining experience. He also claims that the choice of restaurant has much more to do with atmosphere selection than menu style or type – this inspite of the fact that he claims restaurants generally have smaller menus with less variety and are able to cover less of the palate range than say you Ricky’s or Kelseys etc. Of course it is impossible to take his claims and generalize across a population but the comparative perspective is still a valuable tool in accessing certain dynamics of the public food eating experience.
At that moment a dude walks up trying to convince us of the need to go on the next booze cruise the hotel is planning – but he is not going to talk to us about that at all. Instead he tell us that he is an American transplant from Miami who decided to stay and make money. when we ask him why he is here he tells us. Back in Miami it is a crazy race with people getting nowhere – you go to work come home have a drink go to bed do it all over in the morning on the weekend you need to cut the grass so you go out to find that everyone else in your neighbourhood is doing the same thing. HERE he tells us – everynight i think which restaurant am i going to go to today and I go to a brand new one if I want to. I don’t like to do dishes.

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