Tuesday, November 16, 2010

100lbs of Significance Party

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So the way I figure it I am about 2/3 weeks away from getting over that 100lb threshold. To celebrate I would like to invite you to a party. But in order to participate you will need to prepare the following:

1. Collect 100lbs of something significant.

2. If you can make it to the party – bring your 100lbs of stuff to the party. We will have a photographer take a picture of it. Then you can take it back home with you or leave with me to put into the fire we will have at the end of the night.

3. If you cannot make it to the party – take a picture of your 100lbs of stuff and post it either to the facebook group or to the photobucket sight I will provide you by email.

As soon as I have a date for the party I will post it and let you know more details. Until then start collecting.

Wondering what to collect:

students – how about 100lbs of books, pens, paper, etc.

accountants – how about 100lbs of coins

recent mom’s – 100lbs of dirty diapers

You get the drift…

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