Friday, October 22, 2010

Invitation to a Weight Loss Party

Post work out Weight Log: 222 ( that means I have official lost 90lbs as of the end of my workout this afternoon)

I hereby invite you to celebrate my projected loss of 100lb at a special party:

The LESS of ME Party

It will occur before Christmas I suspect but there is no official date that I want to set because I have not reached the goal yet. But here is the plan: – Bring any and all pictures that you have of your truly to this party for a sort of show and tell. Also bring your cameras as I will be posing in my new 100lb lighter body with anyone who would like me to. I will be signing autographs and kissing babies. I will prepare something for you to eat and drink but feel free to bring your appy’s or other food and beverages…

So what do you bring to weight loss party?

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