Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am an immigrant…

I am an immigrant

I am here to take your job away from you

I will sponge off your tax dollars

I will soak up your pension

I will crowd the hallways of your hospital

I will force you to accept my outlandish religious views

I am an immigrant

I came here to screw you over

I want to take over your culture

I want to run your political institutions

I want to make your country as much like my own as possible.


The country I came from was perfect

no war

no poverty

no bigotry

no sexism

no religious restrictions

I could wear whatever I wanted to wear

I could pray to whomever I want to pray to

I could talk openly about my beliefs without anyone threatening to put me in jail

I was never persecuted because of my dialect or color of skin

I never saw my entire village wiped out by genocidal maniacs

I never had to worry about my family starving

I never watched my children running naked through the streets.

My country was perfect

I am an immigrant

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