Sunday, August 16, 2009

theories welcome...

So reading one of McSweeney's lists sparked an idea that has been rumbling around and I am wondering if any of you Facebookers or non-Facebookers have any clues as to why this is the case...

It seems very popular for people to post picture and status updates that seem to no take into account the fact that other people will be reading/viewing their postings. For example how about the guy who added a bunch of photos of him and his buddies drinking their faces off and then adding his mom as his friend. Or how about the pictures of the former spouse in an embrace with the new beau even if the marriage is over...


I am not sure it boils down to just a lack of etiquette or tact - I wonder if it is a deeper, scheming evil side of....

Well you can clearly see that I have no clue

So if you have any ideas fire away...
oh and here is the post from McSweeney's

Status Updates Since My Mother Became My Facebook Friend.
- - - -
Scott is making good, well informed decisions.
Scott is going to bed at a very reasonable hour.
Scott is making large, regular contributions to his savings account.
Scott is making yet another home cooked meal, avoiding fast food as usual.
Scott is no longer in debt like he used to be...boy that would be terrible.
Scott is in no way affected by the current economic downturn...everything is a-okay.
Scott is not gaining weight, and his clothes fit just fine
Read the full list at McSweeney's here


Author of Blog: Kendra Israelson said...

Personally, I think the people who write things like " so hung over that I couldn't roll out of bed for work today" or post pictures of them wtih their ex while dating someone new, are all just dumb... no other reason.
How's that for profound? ;)

roverT said...

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that not too many people think of consequences of actions. We get caught in a moment and we think something would be funny, or interesting, without thinking of the consequences. They also suspect...probably rightly that their parents only have a facebook account as a threat that they will check their page, but the reality is most parents don't...or if they do they won't ever say anything about it.

Interesting thing though...I have heard of a few people getting fired because of things they have said or posted on facebook.