Monday, April 20, 2009

Pope’s picks: Update

So the games have begun. Pontificating on the results thus far seems to be in order – mostly to rub it in the face of all you non-believers that still have Jokingnen in their scoring pools. Remember that while the Pope is considered to be infallible – there is still the matter of free will and indulgences.

Boston vs Montreal


San Jose vs Anaheim

Update: Pride cometh before a fall – so president’s trophy winners look out apparently the “s’s” in your name also stand for shut out and swept.

Ducks in 4

Washington vs NY Rangers

Unchanged: Even though you’ll notice the Rangers are up in this series. At times a team must go through their own period of captivity before they can regain the promised land – in this case the next round

Capitals in seven

Detroit vs Columbus

Unchanged: Red Wings in 5

New Jersey vs Carolina

Unchanged: remember that a mighty wind was used to part the Red Sea…

Hurricanes in 7

Vancouver vs St. Louis

Update: Apparently the Canucks have been reading this blog and mended their ways. Evidence: Miracle of miracles - The Ol’ Deacon Sundin scored a goal. I say prop up his stick in the middle of the room and light candles around it – its an icon. I know its cheap idolatry but the way they are playing any amount of luck might just keep Luongo the blessed between the pipes

Vancouver in 5

Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia

Unchanged. Pittsburg in 6

Chicago vs Calgary

Unchanged: Did I not tell thee to be aware of the Mennonites. Calgary you bunch of Zwinglians.

Black Hawks  - in 5

at least I am doing a fair but better than the monkey…

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