Sunday, February 8, 2009


Jared and Jesse went up to Camrose to play an indoor soccer tournament that literally went around the clock. They played games every 6 hours and wound up winning silver in their division.
Jesse is coming along as a midfielder and really plays solid positional soccer. He'll be more of a threat when he grows a bit and is able to match the speed of some of the players in his age bracket.

Jared on the other hand has played a fair bit of net this season and was selected as the tournament MVP for his outstanding play. One of Jared's biggest assets in net is his almost wreckless pursuit of the ball. On occasions it leaves him struggling to regain proper position but he still plays a very solid positional game.
Winning this award is a pretty big deal for Jared. He was obviously proud of his achievement. But Jared is not driven like some athletes are to pursue medals and achievements. He has alot of fun play the game. I think that winning the trophy has made him realize that working hard at something is a valueable characteristic.

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