Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In memory of…

Linger in the last touch of daylight

Coaxing firelight

Out of the backyard pit

Losing track of the receding flame

The split wood your penance

Allowing the night to sneak up again

And for a moment while flames live bright again

You forget the night


Grey ash is hardly a fitting memorial

Grey ash can't tell you of the fever dance of flames

That lubricated virile conversation

Grey ash can't tease your mouth with fire-licked


Grey ash forgets

Grey ash gives up

Grey ash is convinced that the night is longer than it really is

That spruce sparks will never light the candles of the sky

That morning is impossibly far away

Flame to soot

Revelry to clean up


I lingered there beside it

I breathed it in till it choked me

I watched it glow as the audience faded

I should have stayed

"Did you make sure to put it out?" she said

and the night leaks in


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