Sunday, September 7, 2008


Not really. Just one of those random encounters where life seems to double back on itself with curious circumstance…

So we are coming home from a week of holidays when the rear tire on my wonderful ASTRO blows out just on the outskirts of Vernon, BC. Stupidly busy traffic on the north bound 97 – Labour Day Weekend! The CAA tow truck shows up damming the one of the lanes of traffic while the desperate travelers curse the incursion to their day. In the middle of figuring out that she, the tow truck operator, really cannot help us. A lady pops onto the scene.

A break in my near desperate finagling on the phone and she raises a peculiar question.

"Do you happen to be the X-Mennonite youth pastor?"

I am.

So happens that one Kathy Suderman is driving along the adjacent service road and recognizes me from the videos I have posted. Her quest to get a picture that would get her son jealous gave me the most bizarre coincidence of pure levity in the midst of sheer frustration. I am afraid I was not nearly as conversant as I think my personality can live up to. But she was gracious and I, well, I appreciated the crazy intersection. Thanks Kathy.


roverT said...

You are famous! People often are excited to know that I know the axe-mennonite yout pastor.

Do you strap your bikes onto your tent trailer in a Griswold-esque fashion? We have been known to stow our bikes in that fashion, much to the chagrin of all those we camp with.

Outgoing... said...

yeah yeah yeah
I give out my autographs for free

Anonymous said...

I am soooo privileged to be the wife of the almost famous axe mennonite youth pastor!!!