Tuesday, April 1, 2008

anxious heroes

A Brief History Of Anxiety (yours And Mine): Yours And MineThis afternoon I listened to Q as I do most afternoons on my way home from school. I listened to the host interview Patricia Pearson about her new book: A Brief History of Anxiety (Yours And Mine). (See this NY Times review) Now I mean no disrespect to those who suffer from anxiety but I could not help drawing the connection between the rise of anxiety in our society and the prevailing winds of fear that are a steady gale.

This was my comment on the story

Dear Q:

Anxious? Maybe that's a good thing! Maybe in a day when fear mongering is the vehicle for everything from insurance to politics to infotainment, anxiety should not just be expected but revered. Maybe in a day where we indulge ourselves in fear like fine wine - craving it like fore-play - an anxious response is completely appropriate. Is it time to stop calling anxiety a disease or dysfunction and start aspiring to it a one of the finer virtues of our 'enlightened reality'?

Just wondering...

No really, I'm wondering - I'd like to know - I mean soon - okay now. PLEASE!

Q | CBC Radio

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