Thursday, January 3, 2008

What’s wrong with kids these days… …2?

Adult: Sometimes I worry that kids these days will never make it into adulthood.

Youth: What do you mean? If you mean that we won't become like you than – I certainly hope that never happens.

Adult: Well, even if you don't adopt my lifestyle, I really hope you won't throw all that we have worked for - squandered in irresponsible reckless living.

Youth: What exactly have you done that is so great?

Adult: Well, we essentially ended the global nuclear threat.

Youth: Was it really ever was a real threat – come on.

Adult: Exactly, you don't appreciate the stuff you have never had to dread.

Youth: But if my history teacher was correct – you guys sorta started the "Cold War" – didn't you?

Adult: Never mind – that was complicated. What about the sexual revolution?

Youth: You guys actually revolted against sex?

Adult: Shut up wise guy. I mean we fought and won major battles for equality in women's rights, gay and lesbian legitimacy. And we tore down those archaic institutionalized forms of marriage that essentially where beat zones for women.

Youth: Does that have anything to do with the fact that I have three dad's and two mom's?

Adult: You really don't get it. Women were locked in repressive relationships dictated by society. We gave them freedom. We gave them opportunities for jobs they never dreamed of having before.

Youth: So now both parents work all the time and that's better?

Adult: Well maybe if some of you younger folks would contribute the family could make it more easily. I hate to flog a dead horse but you guys are irresponsible brats. You have sex with who ever you want, you can't stick with a job let alone a career, you're in debt up to your eyeballs and loaded on some sorta substance. You just can't throw all that on our laps as if we made you into these bumbling oafs.

Youth: Ooooh! You got me. Now listen are you going to get that text message – it could be mom you know…

Adult: How do I pick those up again?

Youth: No not like that you'll get screwed on your minutes. Give it here. Gosh for someone who 'created' this wonderful 21st Century you really are a bit of bumbling – what was it again…

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Paul Morgun said...

awesome Dale! Loved it!