Thursday, November 22, 2007

women in the mosques

For years we (Mennonite Brethren at least) have been discussing and debating the role of women in ministry.
In our sociology class we have been discussing the social stratification that occurs through the constructs of religion. One of the huge areas (especially for our prof) has been the gender stratifications that religious institutions tend to create. This is a prevasive issue accross many of the religious vains that exist. It was especially interesting to watch this video in class to get some of the same issues we've been talking about in the MB from the perspective of a Canadian Muslim community.
Zarqa Nawaz, the writer/director of this film, is one of the consulting writers for Little Mosque on the Prairie.
So here are parts of the documentary:

Here's the links to the other portions of this film:
so there you go.....

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tanya says..interesting video, thanks for posting Dale.