Monday, July 2, 2007

things to do this week...

-change oil on both vehicles
-get them both booked in for repairs
-finish Briercrest courses
-rent a transit to get started on 'front of the house' deck and walkway
-Get record of employment stuff sorted out
-apply for EI
-get VBS float ready for the parade
-VBS band practice
-get dog groomed
-get started on bathroom reno
-pack away books from office
-cut and stack firewood (borrow chainsaw)
-take boys to swimming lessons
-marriage prep. session
-book tickets for U-20 World cup game in Edmonton on Sunday
-prep Mom and Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary party
-confirm speaking engagement for July 21st
-help Jared prep for Learners...
-figure out more VBS songs for Jesse on the sax
-get costumes for VBS mascots and stuff...
-make espresso till I get it right


YootguyMark said...

I am happy to see many of those things to do include me. Wait till its time to build the fence. Your gonna pay!!
Love you

Outgoing... said...

yeah speaking of which i owe you twenty

Natasha said...

What... that's *all* you are doing this week?? Someone needs to get a life! (sarcasm intended)

Paul Morgun said...

maybe you should settle down Dale...relax...maybe?

Hilda said...

You'll have that espresso down pat after a week like that - you'll need a few to get all that done!

roverT said...

I didn't see...make copious amounts of blog entries.

Outgoing... said...

ouch trev
that was right close to home
I also did not list my romanitc exploits with my wife he he