Monday, June 18, 2007

Harry Potter as an example of the weapon of choice in the new world order

I talked to one of the managers of our local Chapters outlet she commented on the strict policy governing the release of the new Harry Potter book. She said that no one was allowed to open the boxes they were packed in until a certain time before their release. She said there were security guards at the unloading of the shipment to each store. This all to ensure that a copy of the book could not be released/pirated early.
Then on Q, I heard about how a copy of Michael Moore’s latest film Sicko:

…has been circulating around on the web on file sharing and YouTube. What’s funny about this is that Moore is on record for stating that he is opposed to the copyright rules that govern this type of material. The company that distributes his yet to be released documentary is claiming that it will take a very aggressive approach in rectifying the problem.
Then my buddy Evie posts a cool little take on how ignorants get to set the budgetary agenda of an entire province. He’s got a point too.
All boils down to this. The power of this world belongs (or will soon belong) to the one who can control information. Our access to it. Our possession of it. And ultimately our use of it – which will become secondary. Look out for the new democracy of the web that will insist that every one deserves to know. Look out for the info twisters of this new world who wish to manipulate the information in much the same way those old apothecaries did in the early 1900’s. Look out for the Information Protectors who hoard and with-hold information for their own purposes.

So now what do you know?

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