Friday, April 27, 2007


Recently I ordered DAVE'S LUCKY NUTS from Chilly Chiles. Dave is the maker of Dave's Insanity Hot Sauce which is pretty much the industry standard in extremely hot yet tasty hot sauces.

My intention was to share these with the boys at poker this weekend but they did not quite last that long. They taste amazing! They don't quite live up to their slogan though - I guess I just couldn't seem to find the tenth one. They're just not that hot - but seriously amazing flavor combinations. I will promise to reorder some for our next poker venture in two weeks and I hope that the boys at the bottom of the pack will do their part to keep me in the upper ranks of the standings.

This weekend (in a few hours), I will be taking the senior highs to Calgary for an inner citty service project/experience. I am always a little leary that these sorts of things focus more on changing the participants than meeting real needs but...

Phil Reimer is a good guy and we are really trying to focus on doing real ministry. He is committed to not starting something new but partnering with organizations that are already established to provide volunteers and resources. Phil is youth guy who partnered with the bunch of us to launch some youth ministry retreats back in the day over at Camp Evergreen. So there you go.

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