Tuesday, March 20, 2007

what do they hear...

This sounds like a fascinating book to read.
Scot McKnight gives us a sneak peak at what looks like it might be very timely piece of work. This topic raises all sorts of questions in my mind. Like:
Should we trust our own individual interpretation of the Scriptures?
Are we to trust our leaders to interpret the Scriptures? Is it appropriate to question that interpretation? How?
If everyone’s reading of scripture is legitimate how do we determine which one is actually accurate?
One thing I am convinced of is the importance to be clear when we communicate from ‘the front’!

I like this little blurb from McKnights post, from the book:

He tells the story of his mom saying she liked one of Mark’s song when he was in high school, listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival. Mark is an expert on music (and I’ve heard of this group but not listened to them that I know of). She heard “There’s a bathroom on the right!” when they were singing “There’s a bad moon on the rise.” The focus of the 1st chp is on this very thing: People hear things we don’t intend because they absorb what we say into their social location. And, he admits, “We want to be taken out of context — but only when that is a good thing.”

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