Monday, March 5, 2007

avoidance behavior

Seems like now and again adolescent rebellion against the ‘parental’ authority rears its head musically,
It was true in the 80’s with Twisted Sister’s
We’re Not Gonna Take It
Then along comes Billy Talent with Red Flag

(this song is fun to work out to)
Like a fire,
Don't need water,
Like a jury,
Needs a liar,
Like a riot,
Don't need order,
Like a madman,
Needs a martyr.

We don't need them.

Cast off the crutch that kills the pain,
The red flag wavin’ never meant the same,
The kids of tomorrow don't need today,
When they live in the Sins of Yesterday.

This video is making some interesting statements about how our materialistic culture is the breeding slough for the next season of cultural mosquitoes. I’m always amazed at the perpetual hand-wringing and bemoaning of adults toward youth culture - especially when they refuse to acknowledge their own culpability in the matter. I’m not suggesting a victimization theory of youth culture. I’m asking all of us to own our lack of responsibility for our own folly. Maybe this perpetual ‘not-learning-from-our-mistakes’ is sorta what Moses was talking about in Exodus 34:6-7

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