Thursday, May 4, 2006

Char's Birthday...

My wonderful wife is 36 today...
so along with the small tokens of our (the boys and I) appreciation for having the blessing of such a beautiful person - I wrote her a poem. Here are a few lines...

this is the swing
chain-links hanging the bum worn board barely
able to fetter the fleeting childhood hung
there in mid-flight
ruddy knees like pump handles
against thin air
the touch of a boy’s sweaty palm on your back
guarded against a forbidden touch
cursed halter-top

this is the jump
the inevitable
like when your bottom lifts slightly at
the top of the swing
and you know that the next swoop is it
it’s just right
not at all like shuffling off
and more like scared to…
but never more sure than before
like asking me about what to bring on
your first day of grade seven

i will
if you want me to
jump first
leave the swing to bounce and wiggle
and tell you if you want me to
what it feels like to roll in the grass
at last

Happy Birthday!


Jaimapodimus said...

Happy Birthday to you Char! Look amazing for 36 years! Not to say that is old!..I'm just gonna stop while I'm ahead. HA. I'm enjoying your poem Dale.

By the way, what does one get their boyfriend's little brother for his 18th birthday. So he's not that little, SAME AGE AS ME..Little brother anyways. Dale, I think you may know him, Andy Lutwick, was the character that had seizures on football field. ANYWAYS, I really don't know. I was thinking something practical. You are a male, and have sons..(not that they're 18)..What do you get him!?.

Freezer said...

Happy Birthday Char!