Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I cannot ggive myself a Christmas present this year (picking a new hockey team to cheer for) I realized that picking a new team takes time. There may be some defining moments that need to transpire. So I am throwing all the Canadian teams back into the mix (except for Toronto). Who knows how long it will take? I hope it is soon. I can only guess that this no mans land of hockey fandom might be have some allegorical lesson for me. Whatever... So be on your best behaviour cause I'll be watching how each of the fans of these teams fares.

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever hit oil? It is an exhilerating experience! Do it Dale, hit the OIL, you will not regret it. The Oil is always there, ever since their birth in the NHL the Oil has been there. They are always a competitor. Something to think about anyway. Besides then we'd oil buddies, greasy, dirty, toothless oil buddies!!!