Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Wanna see how post modern you are?

here are a couple of surveys that might get your brain tickled
What social tribe do you belong to
this one will tell you who you might have some affinity with...

this next one is more about the whole po-mo thing (This one inlcudes Americans as well)

I would be really curious where you would fit

Me I am....


Anonymous said...

So this is me according to environics:
This is your selected tribe:
Security Seeking Ascetics

Their own parents and grandparents
Russell Crowe in the film The Gladiator
Any mother protecting her kids
Talk show host Rosie O'Donnell
Finance Minister Paul Martin

Money Orientation:
Making it: I'd prefer a job that offered me satisfaction, but stability is my top priority.

Spending it: Trying not to.

Saving it: Doggedly.

Stealing it: No way.

Giving it away: Religious and medical charities.

Incidence in Population:
Proportion of Canadian population: 6 per cent
Proportion of Gen Xers: 16 per cent

Other Demographics:
Above average proportion are women
Above average proportion have young kids

Fundamental Motivations:
Family, security and stability

Key Values:
Deferred gratification

Words to Live By:
My kids are my life
Tried, tested and true
Home is where the heart is
Some values are timeless

You also show a similarity to the following tribe(s):
New Aquarians:

Incidence in Population:

Proportion of Canadian population: 5 per cent
Proportion of Gen Xers: 14 per cent

Other Demographics:
Mostly mirror the general population

Fundamental Motivations:
Social Justice and Experience-seeking

Key Values:
Concern for the less fortunate
Concern for the environment
Respect for education
Contempt for traditional authorities

Words to Live By :
There is no being, only becoming
Everything changed in Seattle
No justice, no peace

Singer Sarah McLachlan
Author Naomi Klein
Singer/activist Jello Biafra
Rap-metal group Rage Against the Machine
Author/activist John Zerzan
Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar
Dead Prez

Money Orientation :
Making it: I'd never do work I didn't believe in.

Spending it: When I must consume at all, I consume with conscience.

Saving it: I'm not saving much now, but when I do I'll call the shots.

Stealing it: No, thanks.

Giving it away: Environmental and social causes.

I'd say these are a pretty good mix of some of my core attributes. Pretty weird.

Anonymous said...

what are you doing posting this stuff and not doing your homework?
And how did i get to your site?

Clinton said...

Connected Enthusiasts apparently is my tribe though I also show similarities to the Autonomous Rebels. I would say that Autonomous Rebels is probably a closer match to me though I see some of me in each.

The second survey places me in the Authenticity & Responsibility Quadrant.

if this helps you to know me ....

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say with much humility because I am not sure I deserve to be in the same group but ....Char you and I are more the same than we ever knew. I was put in the same tribe and the description described me to some extent. kinda wierd.


Incoming... said...

is that you mark?

Incoming... said...

Gil Klassen
I am doing my homework
maybe you should be doing yours?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is me and yes we were in the same tribe. Dale, I bet u would have never guessed.


Anonymous said...

mark, you gotta get bonnie to do this. i can't believe that we are in the same tribe. i think i better win immunity next challenge and vote you out! i'm all about power and domination you know

Anonymous said...

gil - are you in the guilt laying, parental authority tribe? enough of your chastising. did you do the survey?

Anonymous said...

Char, actually...I am. It's called Authenticity & Responsibility and I am the voice of reason! And you don't even know me yet!

Freezer said...

Wow my words to live by are
"Pass the joint"
Or F*** it, you motherf*****

I think it fits, don't you?
Maybe I was so high I didn't get the questions right.

That and they are labeling me a hedonist - yeah right.

Incoming... said...

hey pat you swear so you get to be a PoMo.

o_no_mo said...

Ya cussing is definitely a true sign of pomo. Hey Dale what is your favourite restaurant?

Incoming... said...

i don't know about restaurant
who the #$%^# is asking anyway