Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Sarcastic Little Christmas Everyone

hey it's that time of year again
the time when you pay more attention to when



instead of when your local

might be

(check out this cool article on some great churches closing at just the right time)

yeah probably going to spend more time relating to people in line at

then we will with the good folks in

and that's okay after all we're gonna need some extra
to figure out our
And I mean come on we've got
all figured out.

Of course given the looming

one thing is for sure.

We gotta make sure that these guys

are definately not

So let's stick to figuring out Aunt Betsy's recipe for
cause we've all got sewn up in a nice little package (tighter than CSI)

And you know we don't like no
in our religion. We have a hard enough time deciding between
and we got some Kyoto freak yelling at us about putting up our
cause it might affect
and we've got heck of time explaining how
gets in through

to think about any kind of mystery associated with God Incarnate.

So pull on a cup of

and bite off the leg of a
Why you might even put up a holiday

remember it's HOLIDAY not Christmas

wouldn't want to offend the

or the

and take a gander under the yuletide bush and count the number of
with your name on them. And low is that the festive
you smell. Don't worry these
can't smell it

They won't be waddling up to your family table begging for your
I don't want you to think me a
with this sarcastic little tome. My point is that there is probably just as much wood in
as there is in

and they probably kinda need to go together...




dan said...

Dale ...

Love the photo-rant!
Peace of the baby who blew the doors of sin this season to you buddy!


Paul Morgun said... had some time hey...well i guess when bruins are not worth watching... ;)

Incoming... said...

yeah Paul i guess finally yourmind just gets too #$^% full of other stuff so you have to stop what you are doing and...
by the way
you might see a post soon requesting bids for my allegiance to a new team... ;)
I think i've paid my dues there too...

Paul Morgun said...

Dale, its ok man...imagine spending the whole summer listening to a certain DUECK brag about the upset of that was anoying. :) Pick Vancouver you'll be happy this year!