Thursday, December 15, 2005

a poem about adulthood?!

Yeah so i asked this older single woman in our church about the whole adulthood thing and how she saw things as she was growing up and after a great conversation she sent me this poem:
"Iused to think that growing old was reckoned just in years,
But who can name the very date when weariness appears?
I find no stated time when man, obedient to a law,
Must settle in an easy chair and from the world withdraw,
Old age is rather curious, or so it seems to me.
I know old men at forty and young men at seventy-three.
Some men keep all their freindships warm, and welcome friendships new.
They have no time to sit and mourn the things they used to do...

Athe bottom of the slip of paper she wrote:
Does this answer your questions?

Some of you know who Helen Toews is. She is the one who fondly refers to me as "REV" and I in turn call her, "sister" We laugh and she sends me poems.

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