Tuesday, December 6, 2005

am i emerging more

So yeah this morning was pretty good
We basically decontructed fundamentalism/revivalism, charismatics, and seeker sensitive church
all have their weakness and excesses but acouple of things stand out.
The whole anonymity of church that the seeker church embraces at the investigation level makes the consumerism in churches more prevalent. I really believe that the way in which churches can be counter cultural is to require deep intimate identification with community. I find people are starving for this.
Another thing that has really challenged me is this: Dale (prof) has mentioned a few times a commitment to a local context for LIFE. I have to say in my private thoughts I have wondered about this... Could it be that most of us are called to a specific context for life. I think there is alot that makes sense about this in some ways. Even though most fo teh population is very transient. there is something important about the commitment that says I choose to live and love inside this community for the long haul. If that's the case I can't look at 12 years of minsitry as some badge of honor but rather a fly speck (hopefully) on this journey in this commmunity. I have to ask my self do i have that much love. love neough for lifetime?
behind our head table at our wedding read a chinese proverb: choose who to love and love the one you have chosen. this statement really is the most beautiful thing about the gospel. When the gospel gets naked and wakes into the bedroom of my mind I can see this dysfunctional community of people who are eeking out a living in messy relationships that somehow work becuase of Christ.
hey hope everything is well with you
more to come tonight
i posted yesterday on Mo's computer but we were not connected so I'll try to get it on later

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Anonymous said...

oooh i wish i could be in class with you. i'd love to get in on these discussions
hope you're having fun and learning lots.
we miss you and love you
char and the boys