Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Day 2

Okay so day two
So we start off today talking about understanding today’s teenager and how different they really are compared to the way they were years ago. I have to say things are different not so much in the core issues but in the way the specific aspects of culture apply to their lives. I think it takes a smart youth worker to evaluate the culture and then make applications to give direction to the myriad of issues that face kids today.
Marv seems obsessed about the whole cutting thing. Now don’t get me wrong I think this is an issue – I might even have someone in my group that is cutting but Marv is writing a book on it so he seems to be pretty focused on that. That’s okay cause I think we do have to be aware of the stuff that is out there but I wonder if we don’t miss a lot of equally painful problems when we just focus on the latest most shocking issue in the mix.
Marv asked the question whether pop culture is directive or reflective for youth. My take is that we have to see it as reflective. Sure I can see that the marketing gurus and the pop culture corporations are setting an agenda. But it is mostly all market driven or money based. I have a really hard time remembering a trend that did not somehow involve money – and specifically more money spent by kids. So it would seem kids have the power to set the agenda for pop culture. Basically what sells is what is in or cool. As ministers we need to see this as an opportunity to give kids some control over their environment. The problem is that we have bought pop cult for so long that it has become a very insidious phenomenon in the lives of our kids. So that now it seems ludicrous for us to suggest come of the ways that students could take control back from these marketing machines. But I predict that one day people will rise up and call down the power of these corporations in much of the same way we dismantled the communist regimes of the 80’s and 90’s. People just wanna be free. Granted this revolution will take on a totally different approach but… (there’s some hope for ya!)
Really good definition of adolescence as opposed to what is classically understood as neither childhood or negative rather (ala Marv) a wonderful, unpredictable, bizarre, often chaotic mix of child-likeness and adult-likeness.
Two things I am gonna need to check out with Char my medicine girl
apparently boys increase the production of testosterone btwn 800 – 1000% in puberty and…
btwn 12/13 there is a huge upswing in the development of brain cells with an increase in the production of the mylon sheath. That’s almost a direct quote and I know Char is going to shudder at something so vague so look for her comments on this one.
Another thing I have been reminded of this week is the importance of helping kids develop their identity – more on this at another point.
I wonder about the use of rights of passage in the strategies for youth ministry

I also attend the general chapel which was interesting. The worship was great by worship standards – I’m sure it was not Hillsong Vicky but yeah I guess it was good…
What struck me was that if the songs we are singing were true this is the air I breathe etc we are kinda pathetic almost like the prophets of bail* beating their chests to hear from their gods “desperate” for something to happen. The music was great but the pretense was right back were it was supposed to be front and center. So… We need a good theology of music somebody please write one – Gil please!
Again today was a humbling experience for me as I evaluated my own failings. Here’s somethings I was reminded of that I need to work on. Arrogance hmmm this is a theme; not making excuses for the job not getting done right especially not blaming other people; bitterness over past hurts/disappointments; self discipline. Yup that’s me – not God incarnate as I must often portray myself to others.
A wonder sometimes that God still wants to use me – or puts up with my blunders many
Hope you all had a good day

Hey pray for my family they are by themselves at home and Char is cramming to get a bunch of homework done so
Hey I love you Char I miss you and I am looking forward to Victoria


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enjoy reading your daily "journals" and hey we are definitely praying for Char and the boys at home - wrote and told her so as well. no more "anonymous" food now

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yeah i almost puked up that crap last night i think it's subway for me tonight