Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Couple of endorsements...

Seth Franco showed up at Camp Evergreen as a 'speaker'. Former member of Harlem Globetrotters - super humble guys that gets it when it comes to authentic spirituality...
visit his site at

Also I picked up Grey's new one - it's good. a fair bit of diversity throughout while some more obviously 'produced' sounds are coming out. Not quite as raw but very good just the same... Check out "The One I Love". spend your money on good music...

here's the Bruins line up for this year. I know it does not seem like the most outstanding line up but once again i believe in it... Bit of a weakness at the netminder position it seems to me.

41 Andrew Alberts D 6'4'' 215 Minneapolis, Minnesota
11 P.J. Axelsson LW 6'1'' 184 Kungalv, Sweden
37 Patrice Bergeron C 6'1'' 190 Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec
26 Brad Boyes C 6'1'' 195 Mississauga, Ontario
44 Nick Boynton D 6'2'' 212 Etobicoke, Ontario
58 Kevin Dallman D 5'11'' 190 Niagara Falls, Ontario
12 Tom Fitzgerald RW 6'0'' 190 Billerica, Mass.
25 Hal Gill D 6'7'' 255 Concord, Massachusetts
46 Jonathan Girard D 5'11'' 192 Rawdon, Quebec
39 Travis Green C 6'2'' 200 Castlegar, British Columbia
16 Andy Hilbert LW 5'11'' 198 Howell, Michigan
36 Ivan Huml LW 6'2'' 200 Kladno, Czech Republic
21 Brad Isbister LW 6'4'' 231 Edmonton, Alberta
68 Milan Jurcina D 6'4'' 235 Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia
Martins Karsums RW 5'9'' 190 Riga, Latvia
41 Zdenek Kutlak D 6'3'' 221 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
48 Jay Leach D 6'4'' 225 Syracuse, New York
22 Brian Leetch D 6'1'' 190 Corpus Christi, Texas
53 Jason MacDonald RW 5'11'' 210 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
17 Shawn McEachern LW 5'11'' 200 Waltham, Massachusetts
18 Ian Moran D 6'0'' 200 Cleveland, Ohio
27 Glen Murray RW 6'3'' 225 Halifax, Nova Scotia
47 Eric Nickulas RW 5'11'' 206 Hyannis, Massachusetts
75 Colton Orr RW 6'3'' 222 Winnipeg, Manitoba
51 Nathan Robinson C 5'9'' 181 Scarborough, Ontario
14 Sergei Samsonov LW 5'8'' 180 Moscow, Russia
43 Martin Samuelsson LW 6'2'' 200 Upplands-Vasby, Sweden
38 Dave Scatchard C 6'2'' 224 Hinton, Alberta
71 Jiri Slegr D 6'1'' 210 Jihlava, Czech Republic
42 Garret Stroshein RW 6'7'' 245 Edmonton, Alberta
45 Mark Stuart D 6'1'' 209 Rochester, Minnesota
19 Joe Thornton C 6'4'' 225 London, Ontario
10 Alex Zhamnov C 6'1'' 201 Moscow, Russia

1 Andrew Raycroft G 6'1'' 185 Belleville, Ontario
30 Tim Thomas G 5'11'' 181 Davison, Michigan
33 Hannu Toivonen G 6'2'' 210 Kalvola, Finland


ViralNews said...
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YootguyMark said...

Really about the Bruins?? You have top be kidding they will be terrible this year. Maybe one person on the team that can score and well the rest don't. I think they will be terrible and have a disastrous season. Goaltending may be okay with Raycroft. Whatever Dale you are forever the optimist with those frickin' Bruins!!


Incoming... said...

okay sure they have some old eggs in the soup but i think they will still be in the top ten unlike the canucks who are going stumble all over themsleves trying to keep bertuzzi from punching someone else

Paul Morgun said...

Dale i was going to stay out of this, till you mentioned the Canucks and well Canucks preseason team can beat Bruins, the only thing Bruins have going for them is Samsanov, and he wants to go back to Mother Russia, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty...but what ever I will enjoy watching Kovalev get the ussual hat-trick against Boston...hey Eatern Conference, we are playing Boston!!! IT'S POINTS NIGHT! :)

Vicky and Les said...

Hey Daleo!!
Thanks for the comments...pedal!!! what are you talking about... you know the truth no pedal needed. but hey. you tell yourself whatever you want my friend. ha. check out my latest blog update....its fun. you know united the band...yeah. crazy. we are on their turf apparently.

Incoming... said...

Paul by the way Def Leppard is not a Russian band
and Russians are a dime a dozen - seem to clam up in the playoffs so.
As for the Canucks who gets rid of Burke and still says they have a head on their shoulders...
Bruins take all the season meetings

Paul Morgun said...

ohh dale...moses was given wondering years in the desert, you were given bruins...surely something good may come out of it... :)

Incoming... said...

care to put your money where your mouth is. Apparently, my stick (staff) can turn into a snake so you may want to consider this carefully

Paul Morgun said...

Clearly, i dont want to take your last pennies...


Incoming... said...