Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Funny dancing parrot

We watched this clip in Brain and Behaviour - birds like this have brains that are proportionally as big as chimps. Interestingly, primates and parrots rarely share the same habitat as they are competitors for the same food - FRUIT. Seems like in the development of things the fact that both monkeys and parrots eat fruit accounts for their larger brain size portionate to their body size. Eating fruit is a complex behaviour in the untamed places unlike it is for most of us humans in Canada.


Natasha said...

Man, animals are the most amazing thing. I am consistently in awe at the complexities of their brain and emotion. I don't think we have fully realized their potential yet.

Ger said...

and he even has good taste in music!

Outgoing... said...

ger ger
someday you will see the light